LCN 2003 Welcome to Bonn/Koenigswinter

Message from the Mayor of Koenigswinter

Peter Wirtz, Mayor of Koenigswinter Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Koenigswinter, situated on the beautiful river Rhine. I am honoured that Koenigswinter is going to host the 28th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Networks.

There has been a long history of our town: On the "Petersberg" you find traces of the Stone Age – discoveries during excavation show a history of more than 6000 years. Even the Romans had already quarried at the "Drachenfels" (dragon rock).

Many buildings reflect our past. One of the most famous sights, even well known abroad, is the "Drachenfels". At the top of the rock you can visit the ruin of a castle which was built in 1140. From here, fantastic views on Koenigswinter, the valley of the Rhine and the islands Nonnenwerth and Grafenwerth are to explore. If the weather permits, you can see the cathedral of Cologne that, by the way, was constructed from stones quarried at the "Drachenfels".

I would like to invite you to trace back the political history of the FRG. After world war 2, the hotel at the "Petersberg" was used as headquarters of the High Commission of the Allies (Hohe Kommission der Alliierten) and then has become residence of numerous heads of states. Today it is the official guest house of the FRG.

There are many other places with historical records, for example at Bad Honnef- Rhoendorf where you can visit the house of Konrad Adenauer, first chancellor of the FRG. It is a place that offers both a journey through time and German history in the Rhineland.

Traditions can be vividly experienced either during the annual "Drachenfest" when "Jung Siegfried" challenges the dragon or during the wine festival that takes place in the beginning of October.

In May, when Königswinter discovers the unique charm of red colour at night, everybody knows it is time for "Rhein in Flammen" (Rhine in flames).

In addition to tourism, different branches and businesses find best locations and are important economic factors. Large parts of the municipal area are farmland.

At the "Drachenfels" and in "Oberdollendorf" you find vineyards: That is where the wine growing area on the Rhine begins. Nurseries of Koenigswinter have a good reputation and are well-known, nationwide.

Since 1974, Koenigswinter has been successfully twinned to Cleethorpes, now North East Lincolnshire on the east coast of Great Britain. In 1989, Koenigswinter established another town twinning partnership with Cognac in south western France.

Cultural life in Koenigswinter is allocated great importance: A varied programme offers all possibilities for relaxation, rest and diversion.

Dear visitor,
Koenigswinter gives you an excellent time. Enjoy your stay and come back, sooner or later, to discover further our beautiful town.

I wish you a good time here and take your time to pause and breathe deeply.

Yours sincerely,
(Peter Wirtz)

Königswinter, July 2003

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University of Bonn / Computer Science / Department IV

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