LCN 2003 Welcome to Bonn/Koenigswinter

Cologne: a city, a river, a cathedral

Do it like the Romans: Follow the floods of the river Rhine and reach Cologne after 40 km.
But: Unlike the Romans - please leave the stones at Drachenfels!

Cologne The German Tourist Board states:
"Cologne is distinctive and original, a city with its own dialect, its own mentality and a merry twinkle in its eye. ... . Cologners abroad always feel homesick - something that visitors to the city can easily understand."

World-famous museums, cultural and historical treasures, the active art scene, more than 3,000 public houses, restaurants and breweries will give you a hard time deciding where to go next ...

From Koenigswinter you can easily go to Cologne by boat, by car, by train and even by tram!
Start your excursion to Cologne at:

University of Bonn / Computer Science / Department IV

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