LCN 2003 Koenigswinter: A city, a river, a nature park

Impressions - A Gallery

If not marked otherwise, the photos shown in this gallery are copied from the exciting WWW presentation of the Nature Park Siebengebirge.
Go there and check for additional information (available in German only).

Half-way up Drachenfels:
Castle Drachenburg
Castle Drachenburg:
Go there by foot from your hotel
... or take a ride on the cogwheel train:
The original version of this railway
was put into service in June 1883 !

Drachenfelsbahn Koenigswinter

The Oelberg: Higest Peak of the Siebengebirge

Oelberg as seen from the distance

Hospitality: "Berghaus" Oelberg

Enjoy the scenery from Oelberg

"Indian summer"
The Drachenfels (Dragon Rock)
The cogwheel train takes you all the way up.
Alternatively, you may go there by foot and even ... by donkey.

Morning mist on a sunny day

Ruins of Dragon Rock Castle

Ruins of medieval castles ... and idyllic impressions

Loewenburg (Lion Castle)

Humans ... and sheep shaped the nature.

Artists capture a reality beyond Bits and Bytes
No digital camera is able to capture what you feel when you enjoy the scenic view from so many places in the Koenigswinter area: A landscape shaped by volcanic activities 35 Million years ago, by the "construction work" of the river Rhine over 1 Million years, by more than 2000 years of human activities and ... by extraordinary skies.
This area has attracted and inspired artists since hundreds of years. Today, Juergen Schmitz is one of the artists living here, working here and capturing a reality beyond Bits and Bytes.

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