LCN 2003 Koenigswinter: A city, a river, a nature park

Early interest helped the cultural heritage to survive

When the romantic discovery of the river Rhine started, a part of the cultural heritage was already lost.
Other buildings and ruins became tourist attractions and ... survived. An impressive example is "Abtei Heisterbach".

Abtei Heisterbach
"Abtei Heisterbach", Stahlstich Klimsch, C. Mayer, Wiesbaden ~1850
Stahlstich Klimsch, C. Mayer, Wiesbaden ~1850
Sammlung Stiftung Abtei Heisterbach
"Abtei Heisterbach", today

Today, guided walks (3 - 4 hours) are offered by the local museum "Siebengebirgsmuseum" which is located 5 min away from the conference hotel.

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